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What's happened to our beach?

In July 2019 the Environmental Chair Councillor Grey made an abrupt decision to stop the Hoylake Beach management plan early, and cease all maintenance. This decision was made without consultation with the community.​

Hoylake Beach has not been maintained by Wirral Council since August 2019 following media controversy due to the spraying of glyphosate over the whole beach. However, contrary to this coverage  glyphosate continues to be used by Wirral Council on residential roadsides and public recreational areas. It was previously only ‘spot sprayed’ to protect the beach from the invasive Spartina species. This process was allowed by SSSI assent under the Wirral Council beach management plan which should have continued up to March 2021.

In March 2021, Councillor Wright (for Hoylake and Meols) tried to amend Councillor's Grey’s cessation plan and asked for 40% of the beach to be raked to allow for a testing environment to show the advantages and disadvantages of raking. This request was denied when voted down by six votes to five by the Environmental Committee.

By allowing the studies and consultation period to run over such an extended period until December 2022, the damage may be irreparable.  We need to address this urgently with Wirral Council and seek answers on how a section of the beach can be restored from the RNLI station to Kings Gap, and address the Spartina spread before it develops too far and wide.  

In August 2020, Councillor Grey, stated during a Special Meeting that the strength of feeling on all sides of the debate was clear and that she believed there was a way forward that included all views and that she would undertake comprehensive consultation to achieve this. 

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