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Formby Beach

Nature reserve sand dunes blown away by storms. Feb 2022.

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Updates and relevant articles for Hoylake Beach Community

Climate Change:  Curbing Methane Emissions will 'buy us time'

11 August 2021

Around 40% of methane (CH4) gas comes from natural sources such as wetlands

Environment, Climate Emergency and Transport Committee

Tuesday, 7th September 2021 at 6:00pm

A member of the public may speak on up to two non-procedural items on any agenda if notice has been given no later than midday three working days before the meeting.

Have Your Say - Join Hoylake Vision

July 2021

Hoylake Vision have published their 'Masterplan'. It's important to join Hoylake Vision and give your feedback.

We spent a day at Merseyside's two 'worst seaside resorts' and had the best time

June 27, 2021

We need our Hoylake beach back to being a beloved day out in Merseyside!

Wirral Council under review amid financial problems and 'wider concerns'

July 5, 2021

Wirral Borough Council financial concerns.

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