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Video by Zedsy

Excellent video by Zedsy, which shows what has happened to Hoylake Beach. WBC and Councillor Liz Grey have ruined what was once a beautiful, sandy beach which the community and beyond used for recreation and relaxation. Now we have no place to go.

A small group of loud voiced locals wrongly believe their Pied Piper that sand dunes will form - there has been no evidence in the past 3 years that this is happening.

What is being created is a salt marsh, which the Wirral has all along the West coast, and a proven problem for residents in that area for mosquitos (you only have to google it).

Why won't WBC and Liz Grey allow from Kings Gap to the new RNLI station to be returned to sand? Whats the real issue? Its not the beach at all, its a political football as was proven at the last council meeting. 

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Drone footage from May 2022.

Video shows how the growth of the grass has spread along the length of North Parade and towards Red Rocks and heading further out to sea. You can clearly see how the foreshore changes to clay / mudflats the further out to sea you go. If left to continue the grass will continue to eat away at any remaining sand. Hoylake beach is turning into a salt marsh, which brings with it many negative implications.

Wirral Borough Council should have conducted a public consultation and consulted experts prior to ceasing maintenance. Residents have been left with an unusable space that can no longer be enjoyed for leisure and recreation activities. And its this, that is seriously impacting locals mental and physical health, especially at a time when its needed. People are worrying about the economy and many other global issues. The beach, our safe, happy place, where we can escape pain and bring evidence based relief from stress, where we went throughout Covid lockdowns is being destroyed. Please help us continue our fight to save out beach.

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Hoylake Beach: as it was and as it should be now.

This is what you call a beach, people enjoying an inexpensive day out, family time, fresh air & exercise. Just look at the beautiful golden sand. This is why we MUST keep campaigning for an amenity beach at Hoylake. (June 2016).

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With these gorgeous bags for life. 
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Available from Fahys Bakery and The Potting Shed, both located on Market Street, Hoylake, for just £8. All proceeds go back into our fund to help pay for newsletters, hosting of the website etc.

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For the restoration of a sandy amenity beach from Kings Gap to the new RNLI station.

Our hope is for a section of the beach to be restored to sand so that residents from across Wirral and beyond can utilise it for recreation and health and well-being purposes.

We are asking for a common sense approach for ALL; wildlife, nature & people. The half mile stretch* of amenity beach we would like equates to less than 1% compared to the Wirral shoreline conservation area. There really has to be a balance of human and environmental needs.

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