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With these gorgeous bags for life. 
High quality, stylish and practical, they are practical to carry with the long shoulder straps. And bonus, you are helping to advertise the cause as you go about your day. 
Available from Fahys Bakery and The Potting Shed, both located on Market Street, Hoylake, for just £8. All proceeds go back into our fund to help pay for newsletters, hosting of the website etc.


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For the restoration of a sandy amenity beach from Kings Gap to the new RNLI station.

Our hope is for a section of the beach to be restored to sand so that residents from across Wirral and beyond can utilise it for recreation and health and well-being purposes.

We are asking for a common sense approach for ALL; wildlife, nature & people. The half mile stretch* of amenity beach we would like equates to less than 1% compared to the Wirral shoreline conservation area. There really has to be a balance of human and environmental needs.


How You Can Support Hoylake Beach Community