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£30K Report....Really!?

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Generally, the council has always categorically denied that the decision to introduce Hoylake beach mismanagement was not financially or politically motivated. However, the councils financial difficulties, and at least one disparaging remark made at a council committee meeting would tend to suggest otherwise.

This report has exposed how the council and other pro-grass pressure groups/individuals have manipulated truth, told half truths, and have propagated total untruths. This may have been brought about by individuals within the council, or those having inappropriate influence within the council, misrepresenting data on, and projections about, Hoylake beach to the full council.

Below is a list that exposes some of these statements. This list is not meant to cover all, but gives a taste of some of the manipulative statements that have been made, and the comparison with what their report suggests.

What Wirral Borough Council and various pro-grass organisations/individuals said is happening now, and will happen in the future:

What the report suggests:

Salt marsh would not develop.

Salt marsh will develop and will increase in size over the coming years.

There will only be a small strip of vegetation close to the promenade.

Salt marsh will develop and increase in size seaward in the coming years

There is a large and growing diversity of plant species to be found on the neglected beach. Many of which are rare. (150 species, 19 at risk of extinction or locally thought extinct)

The diversity is not as great as stated by others, with only two plant species worth minor note.

(103 species, only 4 of any note, with no mention of extinction).

Beach levels will be detrimentally influenced by amenity management.

General beach levels will not be affected by any management/none management protocols employed.

Salt marsh will not form, it is going to be static dunes, capable of reducing wind blown sand reaching the promenade and beyond.

Salt marsh will form, and any dunes would be travelling dunes, threatening the promenade and beyond. Also, once the dunes breach the height of the sea wall, the amount of wind blown sand disrupting the promenade and beyond would massively increase.

These dunes will act as a flood defence.

The dunes would have to form an unbreachable static and solid obstruction to the tide.

Any dune formation would not meet these criteria, and would be of little use as a flood defence.

Indeed dune formation at the sea wall may influence the local water table, with all the detrimental knock on effects to properties in the vicinity.

There will be no increase in biting insect populations.

The formation of a slack area behind any formed dunes may accumulate undesirable ponds, fed by by sea water breaches, and fresh water run off and drains.

The socioeconomic impact of rewilding will be evaluated.

The report makes no meaningful analysis of of socioeconomic impact.

The report also seems to add weight to rewilding with spurious analysis of very strange parameters, for example:

Increased green space

Increased noise reduction

Increased air quality

None of these parameters are appropriate for use in these circumstances.

Repeated comparison of Hoylake to Formby/Birkdale has been made (in this report and by others) to predict dune formation on Hoylake shore. This is a heavily flawed comparison, as prevailing winds impinge on the shore line at different angles, tidal flow and currents are different and the geography is not the same.

This report only addresses ‘all or nothing’ scenarios, which we as a group are not suggesting. We are proposing to Wirral Council a compromise solution, designed to take into account the views and beliefs of all parties.

We understand from the report that any solution will come with a financial cost, but any increased cost due to restoration of an amenity beach falls squarely on the shoulders of Wirral Council, produced by their intransigent and dogmatic stance.



: Hoylake Beach Community, is a voluntary group who since the formation in October 2021, have been asking WBC for a compromise that will suit all. The community group are campaigning for the restoration of PART* of the beach for recreation & relaxation with the remaining part being left to re-wild for nature and wildlife.*The section along North Parade from Kings Gap to the New RNLI station.Hoylake Beach Community are not affiliated with any other group. HBC only use two forms of online communication. This website and a Facebook group which anyone is welcome to request to join. Search Hoylake Beach Community. HBC do not use any other social media.

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