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Area Of Hoylake Beach To Remain As A Long Standing Amenity Beach For The Enjoyment Of All

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

The three figures above show the extent of the areas of scientific interest round Wirral (outlined in red) and compares this with the relatively small area within Hoylake Beach proposed to be kept (as it has been for over a century) as an amenity beach (blue line).

Hoylake Beach covers an area of approximately 50 acres from Red Rocks to the RNLI Station at Hoyle Road Slipway - a distance of 2 kilometres.

Hoylake Beach is within the Dee Estuary Special Area of Conservation, which includes the Dee Estuary Site of Special Scientific Interest, Ramasr Site and Special Protection Area .

The full area of Hoylake Beach (50 acres) is just over 1% of the total area of the North Wirral Foreshore Site of Special Scientific Interest (1,962.08 hectares).

It is also only 0.125% of the area covered by the Dee Estuary Special Area of Conservation (15,805 hectares).

The Hoylake Beach amenity site has been promoted in past years by the Coastal Rangers and Tourism as a place for outdoor events which have included the World Fire Fighter Games, beach rugby and beach volleyball.

The annual Hoylake Lifeboat Open Day was one of the largest events of its kind in the north west region attracting an estimated 30,000 to the site back in 2009!

It is also one of the premier sites for Sand Yachting in Britain with the town's beach, which reaches nearly a quarter mile of shore, being the past venue for the European Sand Yacht Championships.

This demonstrates that the pro-amenity beach lobbyists are not a rabid anti-nature brigade, hell bent on the destruction of all things natural, but rather a group of caring individuals, willing to compromise with others in order to accommodate people and groups of all persuasions. As seen from the above maps and geographical data, the amenity beach only takes up a small proportion of Hoylake Beach, the rest being left for others to perform their purposeful neglect experiments.

states that back in 2006 a public meeting was held at the Kings Gap Court Hotel where 150 mostly local residents met with council officers, there was unanimous support from the public to remove all vegetation from the foreshore area and to maintain the area as an area of 'open sandy beach'. It was deemed economically viable and vital.

Whilst we would never suggest that Wirral Council inactivity has anything to do with cost cutting exercises, it might be interesting to see any projected short term savings that would be made by the neglect of Hoylake Beach by Wirral Council.

Back in 2010, Wirral Council DID recognise the importance of the Hoylake Beach amenity site both as a highly designated protected site, but also as an important area of social activity and recreation...for people!

We as a group are striving for the introduction of a plan of managed nature on Hoylake Beach, including a much needed amenity beach, which is loved by all, not the production of a neglected brackish backwater, unloved and uncared for.

Wirral Council... Please listen to the Hoylake Community!

Please remember ALL the reasons why the beach is important!


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