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Wirral Council could be on the brink of committing environmental vandalism on a grand scale.

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

The deliberate neglect of Hoylake Beach, and their unwillingness to deal with the spreading of Spartina, is placing the whole of the north Wirral shoreline as we know it at risk, including many long standing natural habitats of international scientific importance.

Wirral Council's attempt at redesigning a very small part of the North Wirral coastline will only allow man made processes to continue, this is not natural.

If Wirral Council wanted to return to nature, they should destroy the man made salt marsh at Parkgate, stop dredging in the Dee and Mersey estuaries, and remove all of the man-made seaward obstructions that modify tidal and thus silt/ sand flow along the North Wirral coastline.

As this is not feasible, a random meddling with one small part of the shoreline is being attempted, in order to appear to be green conscious, placate a small but very vocal pressure group, and solve a whole host of man-made problems.

This is surely not the answer.

We as a community group are striving for the introduction of a plan of managed nature on Hoylake Beach which is loved by all, not the production of a neglected brackish backwater, unloved and uncared for.

Wirral Council has embarked on a careless and unresearched experiment to observe the effect of the wilful neglect of Hoylake Beach.

No specific studies had been made prior to the imposition of the process of systematic neglect and no risk assessments had been made, or at least none are forthcoming despite repeated requests.

The collateral damage produced by this neglect had not examined prior to its imposition, for example:

The forced reduction of amenity use with the resulting reduced physical and mental well being derived from beach usage had not been considered, prior to the beginning of neglect.

The possible influence of beach neglect on the crumbling Victorian drainage system, and the crumbling systems influence on the neglected beach had not been considered.

The influence of forced migration of beach users from the near shore to areas further out, with increased natural (tide and mud) and man made (wind powered vehicles) dangers were not considered.

The effects of beach neglect on existing fragile ecosystems was not considered.

No predictions or analysis of the carbon capture value of any engendered marshland was conducted or reported.

No consideration or prediction was given to the amount of extremely potent green house gas methane (commonly known as marsh gas) produced by any created marshland, and no consideration of this production on global warming examined.

Indeed 40% of annual methane is generated by wetlands worldwide, and the reduction of greenhouse methane is seen as key in the immediate battle against global warming.

No consideration for Hoylake community and the distinct polarisation caused because of the lack of consultation.

Wirral Borough Council have developed no escape plan for the restoration of the amenity beach should their experiment fail.

And, due to the lack of consultation have created "sides" in a previous harmonious Hoylake community!


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