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Cleethorpes precedent: The scheme designed to balance the needs of tourism and the local wildlife.

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

In 2011 North East Lincolnshire Council came to an agreement with Natural England, after months of negotiations when thick marsh grass started to take over their beach.

Salt marsh is protected by UK and European law. Natural England described Cleethorpes beach as a site of "international importance for its biodiversity" and a designated Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) classification….just like Hoylake beach.

A beach management was negotiated and agreed by North East Lincolnshire Council with Natural England to remove any growth from an agreed section of the beach, with the remaining area being allowed to grow and spread.

The scheme is designed to balance the needs of tourism and the local wildlife.

The salt marsh provides a habitat for plants, birds, and other animals.

The Chair of tourism and leisure at North East Lincolnshire Council, negotiated for a five-year beach agreement, whereby the beach is inspected three times a year, and any growth manually removed.

What a fantastic agreement for people, plants, birds and other wildlife.


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