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Cllr. Grey: Only her opinion matters.

Hoylake Beach Community attend the consultation results public meeting with Wirral Borough Council on Wednesday 30th November. Over 50 supporters gave up their free time to peacefully protest outside the town hall.

Hoylake Beach Community have respected and followed the rules set by Cllr. Grey and others at the council. However the meeting showed that the beach issue is fundamentally a political football. And that there is no regard for the feeling in our community.

Cllr. Liz Grey was at her best, our community want a decent section of our beloved beach back which she has tried so hard to prevent from day one. But now that the consultation results have been released its not just a large number of Hoylake postcodes that want a sandy amenity beach but a large number of tax payers from across Wirral postcodes want the same.

Grey has been forced to do some form of compromise she's put forward a motion to give us the smallest bit possible which had to be done anyway to improve the RNLI hovercraft launches. Whatever happened to democracy, and listening to the electorate...

Now apparently, us, the unhappy residents who turned up at the public meeting are now being labelled by Grey personally as Tories, I suppose its a change from nature haters.

It also came to light, if you watch the full council meeting, Natural England who was in attendance on Wednesday, confirmed that they DO NOT need to give permission to WBC to clear the beach - this is a point Grey has hid behind and repeated over and over to essentially shutting up our supporters.

Why is Hoylake being targeted so much, we know Grey has made comments that not everyone is wealthy enough to live on the prom. FYI Grey, most of the residents in the area don’t live on the prom, the majority have backyards - so they need the sandy beach for recreation.

The West Wirral shoreline is already green, we are only asking for the length of North Parade!!

Suggesting RNLI station to Trinity Road is enough - really is not! We WON’T go away. We WON’T stop. We’re just getting started.

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