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Community, we need your support more than ever!

The full council met last night (Monday 18th October), and we’d like to say a huge thank you to all councillors supporting Hoylake Beach (all 23 Conservative councillors).

“Respect”…due regard for the feelings, wishes, or rights of others.

This was distinctly lacking by many opposing councillors this evening.

Please listen to the meeting to hear what we are truly up against!

Hoylake Beach Community Petition against Grass was presented
Civic Mayor Cllr. George Davies

This meeting was supposed to be an opportunity to debate the beach which was vehemently denied!

Councillors Alison Wright, Tony Cox and Andrew Gardner put forward the 12,500 strong petition to rake Hoylake Beach. Their split supporting statements were rudely interrupted as they spoke. Thwarted at every given opportunity!

The following motion was also put forward for debate.

At the beginning of the meeting the Mayor Cllr. George Davies declined the request to hold the debate early for the benefit of the public, (in fact he didn’t even acknowledge the public being present). He promised a debate would be allowed within the meeting timeframe, but abruptly denied this debate to happen at the end of the meeting.

The motion was therefore voted on without any debate being allowed, how's that for democracy!

The outcome:

FOR = 23 AGAINST = 41

(FOR: All 23 Conservative councillors)

(AGAINST: All 41 Labour, Lib Democratic, Green Party and Independent councillors)

The motion was:


Proposed by Councillor Tony Cox Seconded by Councillor Andrew Gardner Council recognises the current condition of Hoylake beach, but also recognises that the Spartina anglica, once isolated from the rest of the North Wirral Foreshore, has now spread to Meols beach. Council is concerned that with the current speed of the spread of this invasive species, it is soon likely to be seen in Moreton and then Leasowe.

Further to correspondence with Natural England, Council understands that there has never been a moratorium on raking at the Hoylake beach location, rather that raking of ALL North Wirral Foreshore would not be supported, which is wholly different. Furthermore, page 60 of Natural England’s publication: Spartina anglica and its management in estuarine Natura 2000 sites: an update of its status and monitoring future change in England (IPENS041) contains a Spartina angelica management flowchart which should be followed when dealing with this species. Council is concerned that this guidance is not being adhered to.

Therefore, Council requests the Director of Neighbourhoods to engage with Natural England, as a matter of urgency, to ascertain whether the continued spread of Spartina grasses could jeopardise the SSSI status of the North Wirral Foreshore and to determine whether the spread of these invasive grasses could be detrimental to the wellbeing of migratory wading birds (as described in section 2.1 of Spartina anglica and its management in estuarine Natura 2000 sites: an update of its status and monitoring future change in England (IPENS041)).

Council instructs the Environment, Climate Emergency & Transport Committee, as part of its work programme, to consider the findings from the discussions with Natural England regarding the impact of the spread of Spartina grasses as soon as practicably possible and certainly no later than the Committee’s first meeting in 2022 (17th January 2022).

We will keep going and pushing our messages;

1. That we are seeking a compromise for the restoration of the Hoylake Beach amenity area from the RNLI station to Kings Gap.

2. That NE Lincs Council achieved this for Cleethorpes Beach, they successfully negotiated with Natural England, so IT CAN BE DONE!!!

3. Hoylake is NOT in a high risk flood zone. Salt marsh land reclamation is not necessary on the Hoylake beach shore, which equates to less than 1% of the Wirral coastal conservation shores.

Please support us by emailing / writing to non- supporting councillors, Lib Dem, Green and Independent Councillors. Councillor contact details below:


1. Please sign our petition Click Here You do not need to donate money to sign.

2. If you like what you've read, please help our cause by sharing on social media - links below.

3. If you wish to donate please Click Here

Thank you!

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