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Hoylake Beach debacle is because of ONE Cllr

The words from a friend and his analysis of the situation we are facing.

The whole saga of the Hoylake Beach debacle revolves around the whim of a single councillor, hell bent on imposing her individual anarchic Extinction Rebellion beliefs on a whole community, bulldozed through regardless of the wishes of both the local and also the wider Wirral community.

The original decision to cease management of our beach and allow it to become the disgusting mess that it now is rests fairly and squarely on the shoulders of Councillor Grey (pictured). It was her ‘executive decision’ that ordered the cessation of the already agreed (with Natural England) beach management plan. This plan allowed raking of the beach.

This undemocratic decision was then propped up by a mix of other councillors who saw it as a means to various ends. Some saw it as a way to punish a conservative ‘wealthy’ ward, some as a cost cutting exercise, even more as a way for the council to appear ‘green’, and a few saw it as aligning with their political viewpoint.

Even more annoying were the councillors that thought that it was a party political matter, voting blindly in support of a colleague of their political persuasion whilst knowing little to nothing about the actual facts.

The council is now hiding behind behind Natural England to justify their attitude to our beach, and using decisions that have not been made by Natural England, to drive forward their suggested compromise. This supposed compromise is little more than a cynical manoeuvre which may indeed result in no raked amenity beach at all.

We all now need to pile on what pressure we can in an attempt to force an eleventh hour change of policy by Wirral Borough Council, making them listen to local residents, and for once doing the right thing. Please share if you care: click on social media logos at the bottom.


: Hoylake Beach Community, is a voluntary group who have been asking WBC for a compromise that will suit all. Our hope is for a section* of the beach to be restored to sand so that residents from across Wirral and beyond can utilise it for recreation and health and well-being purposes.We are asking for a common sense approach for ALL; wildlife, nature & people. The half mile stretch* of amenity beach we would like equates to less than 1% compared to the Wirral shoreline conservation area. There really has to be a balance of human and environmental needs.Hoylake Beach Community are not affiliated with any other group. HBC only use two forms of online communication. This website and a Facebook group which anyone is welcome to request to join. Search Hoylake Beach Community. HBC do not use any other social media. *We are not asking for the whole beach, our compromise is just for the section that runs alongside North Parade from Kings Gap to the RNLI station, with the rest being left to the grasses. We do not support chemicals, only raking.

SIGN the petition Click Here

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WRITE email / write to non- supporting councillors, Lib Dem, Green and Independent Councillors. Councillor contact details on the below link:

Thank you!

Remember, genuine supporters of a compromise for Hoylake Beach to be restored to sand should join our Facebook group. Search: Hoylake Beach Community.

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