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Hoylake Beach……..The facts!

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

A quick Google search on the internet will come up with web hits claiming to have the real ‘green’ facts regarding the neglect of Hoylake Beach by Wirral Council.

However, close examination of these so called ‘fact’ sites exposes them to be short on facts, but full of presumptions, predictions, plain guess work and some

bending and economy of the truth.

The real facts are simple:

Wirral Council is solely responsible for the management of Hoylake beach, and the inclusion of any desired amenity area within it.

Wirral Council can request, if they desire, the inclusion of this amenity area in management plans.

Wirral Council ceased Hoylake beach management in 2019, although the management plan was due to last until March 2021.

Wirral Council failed to engage with the public, listen to or act on the subsequent reservations voiced by the locals of Hoylake prior to embarking on and during their policy of deliberate neglect of Hoylake beach.

Wirral Council failed to assess the impact of beach neglect on the health and well-being, both mental and physical, on local residents and visitors to the beach prior to the implementation of neglect.

Wirral Council failed to assess the financial impact of beach neglect on local businesses prior to implementation.

Wirral Council did not prepare a continuation management plan during this time (2019-present date).

Cessation of beach management and continued neglect has resulted in the accumulation of weeds, detritus and algae filled stagnant ponds on our once beautiful beach.

This accumulation has resulted in an increase in biting insects and obnoxious smells coupled with the destruction of nationally renowned views, which has massively reduced visitor numbers to our once busy beach (see pictures below).

Wirral Council have shown no concern for people with impaired mobility, and their access to clean sand on Hoylake foreshore, with one influential Councilor flippantly stating that if they want clean sand, they should just go further out’. Restricted mobility would preclude this.

Wirral Council has not defined any end points for their ongoing studies, and how they will be interpreted or implemented.

Wirral Council have prevented large community fundraising events from happening including the annual beach bonfire and firework event, and possibly the 2021 Boxing Day beach tug of war.

Wirral Council has not produced any plans or protocols to reverse the damage done to our beach, should their studies reveal little or no benefits, or indeed damage to the local environment.

IMAGES BELOW: Hoylake shore August bank holiday before the imposition of planned neglect in 2019.


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