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If you need an excuse to visit the beach, your health is a pretty good one!

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

Going to the beach promotes improved happiness, general wellbeing and even improves brain function. People who live by the coast report better physical and mental health.

Beach amenity areas are known to promote, good mental health and well-being, access to clean air, providing connection space, encouraging activity and exercise in both adults and children, and safe family bonding sites.

Hoylake Beach is and always has been a beautiful amenity area for the Hoylake and Meols community likewise for the residents of Birkenhead and Wallasey who have beautiful, large community park areas. Parks and amenity beach areas are a necessity for health and wellbeing.

As such, these amenity areas are always a high priority for community and town planners.

Following the media frenzy in July 2019 due to the spraying error by Wirral Council on Hoylake beach which lead to the abrupt cessation of the beach maintenance plan, our community is paying the price for their error, and it’s affecting our mental and physical wellbeing.

Which begs the question...

Why did Wirral Council suddenly decide to abandon this amenity area to the elements knowing full well the impact such action would have on Wirral people’s daily lives, mental health and well-being? Given the fact that this action was taken, during a world Covid pandemic when people need access to a safe walking beach area the most!

To add insult to injury at the March 2021 Wirral Council Environment, Climate Emergency and Transport Committee meeting, a proposal was raised to allow a small strip of 40% of the beach to be maintained for people to enjoy which would have given much needed relief to people during the pandemic.

Unbelievably, this proposal was REJECTED!

Wirral Council Environment, Climate Emergency and Transport Committee did not consult or engage with the community prior to the cessation, they did not undertake the necessary risk and impact assessments, and made a detrimental decision during the worst possible time in many people’s lives. They do not show any compassion or consideration towards the health and wellbeing of this community!

Their abrupt decision was masked by the climate emergency declaration, and they have decided that grass and salt marsh development and the odd annual sighting of snow buntings were more important than the local people’s health, especially during the pandemic.

People having to remain local no longer enjoy a daily walk on the beach or promenade, the sight of the beach is too distressing and unsafe for many!

There is no consideration for positive mental health and wellbeing, we are left with a depressing state, the once beautiful Wirral landmark “Hoylake Beach” which many people adore.

Families of Hoylake and surrounding areas who have always enjoyed access to the beach amenities for many years are moving on, and visiting other beach areas. Our safe area to walk and enjoy the sandy area of beach has been taken away due to Wirral Council’s incompetence, and not abiding by the correct beach management procedures, as agreed by Natural England which were valid until March 2021.

Hoylake Beach is having a negative effect on the community and tourism. The majority of people are greatly saddened by its current state. There are serious consequences to the reduction in visitors, local businesses and income will suffer and local employment security will be lost.

Let’s ALL work together as a community, as we always have, and make sure we get our beach back! The consequences of taking no action are unimaginable!


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