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It Won’t Happen To Us

When this group warned some time ago that Hoylake beach was only the start of a “mass grassing” of the North Wirral coast (promoted by Wirral Borough Council (WBC) and others), we were ridiculed, accused of being unscientific, of lying, and scaremongering.

So, let’s look at the much WBC promoted, newly published, scientific survey of Hoylake beach and what it predicts about future vegetation spread. (HASKONINGDHV UK LTD. Study 2022).

Remember, this is the WBC ‘gold standard’ report and so must be correct.

Below is a reproduction of section 5.2 fig 5-3. of this report.

The deep red and black lines show the predicted boundaries in 50 years time.

Sparse vegetation = (Red)

Dense vegetation = (Black)

It is clear to see that the predicted distance from Hoylake promenade to the seaward edge of the vegetation is as much as 1 km. If this is not bad enough in its self, more worrying is what is happening at the right hand side of the figure.

As WBC only paid for the survey to cover Hoylake beach, the prediction ends abruptly in line with the new RNLI station. However, as the vegetation is predicted to reach at least 1 Km seaward at this point, and looking at the shape of the boundary line, it would be reasonable to assume that this vegetation would continue for some way along the coast towards, and possibly including, New Brighton.

Again, as this is a WBC funded, up to date scientific study, presenting modelled data, it must be correct, unless predicting future changes is fraught with many unforeseen problems. However, even allowing for a large margin of error, these results should be sufficient to at least worry all those that use any of the North Wirral coast.

So, to all those that have said ‘it’s Hoylake’s problem, it couldn’t happen here’ think again!

It is strongly suggested that you ask your local councillors how they stand on this issue, how it might affect the North Wirral coast in the future, and vote accordingly.


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Thank you!

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