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Locals want their sandy beach back and NOT a salt marsh, that is currently developing

Not an open space any more for many locals now who depended on this space for so many activities on this sandy Hoylake beach.

Many, many houses in Hoylake have only tiny yards & no gardens.

This open space on the beach was accessible, bountiful & provided recreation sport ,entertainment, peace and solitude for so many locals.

I love marshes and its wildness but developing it here cheek by jowl with such high population numbers is not a well thought out idea (I'll talk about the insects and grasses close to populations another time!). It is not wanted by those residents that are now suffering from the lack of a relaxed access to what was a positively good experience of being on the beach.

Especially in these difficult times, so many people locally have expressed how much the beach that was once their solace now depresses them.

I spent hours on this beach with youth clubs and family entertainment, watching the birds & the fascinating tracks & signs & patterns of the living creatures in / underneath this sandy beach.

There were always empty razor shells on the beach but it was fun to focus in and find the key shaped holes at low tide to spot where they actually lived.

So many clues to the vast biodiversity of the beach in the sand but now we can't see them as the roots of the grasses and plants obliterate the tracks and squeeze them out of their territory.

Me personally, I have flexible views but I am so not happy that the genuine views of many, many local people have not been respectfully taken into consideration by WBC. All the council meetings I have watched show a total lack of understanding and empathy for the bigger picture.

Hence this ridiculous divisive, simplistic narrative that has developed. Can we please get some common sense around this political table?

Photos of Hoylake Swamp!


:: Hoylake Beach Community, is a voluntary group who have been asking WBC for a compromise that will suit all. Our hope is for a section* of the beach to be restored to sand so that residents from across Wirral and beyond can utilise it for recreation and health and well-being purposes.

We are asking for a common sense approach for ALL; wildlife, nature & people. The half mile stretch* of amenity beach we would like equates to less than 1% compared to the Wirral shoreline conservation area. There really has to be a balance of human and environmental needs.

Hoylake Beach Community are not affiliated with any other group. HBC only use two forms of online communication. This website and a Facebook group which anyone is welcome to request to join. Search Hoylake Beach Community. HBC do not use any other social media.

*We are not asking for the whole beach, our compromise is just for the section that runs alongside North Parade from Kings Gap to the RNLI station, with the rest being left to the grasses. We do not support chemicals, only raking.

SIGN the petition Click Here

DONATE Justgiving account which allows us to continue Click Here

SHARE help our cause by sharing on social media - links below.

WRITE email / write to non- supporting councillors, Lib Dem, Green and

Independent Councillors. Councillor contact details on the below link:

Thank you! Remember, genuine supporters of a compromise for Hoylake Beach to be restored to sand should join our Facebook group. Search: Hoylake Beach Community.

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