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A really interesting article from NatureScot (May ‘21) about how Scotland deals with Spartina. The antithesis in approach compared to WBC. CLICK HERE

“Over the past few years, RSPB, with funding from NatureScot, has been successfully controlling the invasive Spartina cord-grass from the Dingwall Bay area, helping to improve the condition of the sensitive coastal habitats, and in turn improve opportunities for the wintering waterbirds of the Cromarty Firth.”

Who are NatureScot?

Scotland's nature agency. They work to improve the natural environment in Scotland and inspire everyone to care more about it. So that all nature in Scotland – key habitats and landscapes, all green space and native species – are maintained, enhanced and brings us benefits.

At the last WBC council meeting (18/10/21) the Hoylake Beach Community petition of c.12,500 signatures was submitted YET WBC refused* to debate the important issue of Spartina development; when in other parts of the British Isles the RSPB employ people to specifically deal with Spartina!

Why are WBC so intent to not debate this issue in a public forum?!!

What is important to note from the NatureScot article, is, that it is evident that Spartina is not conducive in creating a suitable habitat for the SSSI protected wading birds of Hoylake & Meols. Of which some flocks can exceed 30,000 birds in the winter.

“The tall nature of the grass means that wintering waterbirds are unable to use the areas occupied by the Spartina for roosting or feeding. Waterbirds cannot stand on it and it also reduces visibility, meaning that birds cannot be vigilant for predators.”

*BACKGROUND: In case you missed it, at the beginning of the meeting the Mayor Cllr. George Davies declined the request to hold the debate early for the benefit of the public, (in fact he didn’t even acknowledge the public being present). He promised a debate would be allowed within the meeting timeframe, but abruptly denied this debate to happen at the end of the meeting.

The motion was therefore voted on without any debate being allowed, how's that for democracy!

The outcome:

FOR = 23 AGAINST = 41

(FOR: All 23 Conservative councillors)

(AGAINST: All 41 Labour, Lib Democratic, Green Party and Independent councillors)

Watch council meeting here


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