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For those who dispute that Spartina doesn't exist on Hoylake Beach (and Meols)... LOOK BELOW, photographic evidence with local landmarks shown.

Frequently found in coastal salt marshes - which is what Hoylake Beach is on the verge of becoming. They vary in size from 0.3–2 m tall.

Aggressive, aquatic species that invades mud flats, salt marshes and beaches, out-competing native plants, spreading quickly over mud flats and leaving large Spartina meadows.

Wait until Spring, this species will start to grow abundantly after being dormant in the winter months.

No need for any further words!

(Keep scrolling for images)

:: See our blog from October 2021 New Spartina Mounds Starting to Establish Click Here.


: Hoylake Beach Community, is a voluntary group who have been asking WBC since the formation in October 2021 for a compromise that will suit all. The community group are campaigning for the restoration of PART* of the beach for recreation & relaxation with the remaining part being left to re-wild for nature and wildlife.*The section along North Parade from Kings Gap to the New RNLI station.Hoylake Beach Community are not affiliated with any other group. HBC only use two forms of online communication. This website and a Facebook group which anyone is welcome to request to join. Search Hoylake Beach Community. HBC do not use any other social media.- We have a petition of over 13,300 signatures Click Here to sign- And a Justgiving account which allows us to continue with our cause Click Here to donate If you like what you've read, please help our cause by sharing on social media - links below. If you can, please email / write to non- supporting councillors, Lib Dem, Green and Independent Councillors. Councillor contact details on the below link: Thank you!

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