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When there’s no room for debate or compromise, is there a hidden agenda for Hoylake beach?....Part 1

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

On Monday 18 October, during the full council committee meeting, ward councillors Alison Wright, Tony Cox and Andrew Gardner presented the 12,500 strong petition to maintain Hoylake Beach by raking.

12,500 ... NOT an insignificant number of signatories!

When each ward councillor co-presented the petition and gave a statement, they were each heckled by several councillors. The petition numbers were also queried by Councillor Grey (Chair of the Environment, Climate Emergency and Transport Committee), though Councillor Grey gave no real consideration to the size and strength of the petition!

During the same meeting a motion was also put forward to debate the serious issue of the invasive, non-native Spartina grasses rapidly spreading from Hoylake and Meols shores towards West Kirby, Leasowe , and Moreton shores.

Debate is the epitome of democracy…yet the debate was denied by the Mayor, and also by a council vote when 23 councillors voted ‘for’ and 41 voted ‘against’.

The fate of Hoylake beach is now resting with councillors who don’t appear to visit or know the importance of Hoylake beach for Wirral residents.

So, why was the opportunity to debate denied? Why is the demise of Hoylake beach being ignored?

It is becoming increasingly apparent that Hoylake beach holds no significance to the majority of Wirral Councillors – and here are a few examples of this opinion …

· When it became clear there would be no debate at the full council meeting, one member of the public chose to leave the chamber and accidentally knocked a tea cup over. A Labour councillor jeered …"it’s a storm in a cup”.

· During the same full council meeting - Labour Councillor Stuart Whittingham also commented - “It’s alright going to your little (Tory) communities, they’re all well-off.

· Labour Councillor Grey (Chair of the Environment, Climate Emergency & Transport Committee) stated in a meeting on 16 March 2021,

we can’t all afford to live on the (Hoylake) prom”.

· Speaking at a planning committee in January 2020, Lib Dem Councillor Kelly said: “Kids in the north end [of Birkenhead] are just as entitled to play on a piece of green space as kids in Hoylake.”

Yet, Hoylake is far from ‘privileged’ when it comes to having amenity space, with very few open accessible areas which are free and clean for residents to enjoy.

In fact, there is only one small green park area (Grove Park) in Hoylake for over 6,000 residents. Allowing the beach to become a marsh actually takes away the one main accessible amenity area for leisure and general well-being for the majority of Hoylake residents and visitors.

Some council members seem to enjoy knocking Hoylake down at every opportunity. Considered to be a privileged place to live, they don’t want to invest any time to discuss it.

In reality, Hoylake is privileged to have an amazing community with incredible volunteers who save the public sector thousands of pounds each year by maintaining and improving the area for all, including groups such as:

Friends of Hoylake and Meols in Bloom (who also paint the promenade fencing),

Melrose Hall community activities, and many more!

When it comes to public services, Hoylake has:

- NO health and recreation centre

- NO youth community centre

- NO cinema

- NO town hall

- NO fire station

- NO police station

- NO ambulance station

- currently, NO amenity beach

So, what do Hoylake actually get from Wirral Council?...

Hoylake stills falls within the ‘Wirral Leisure Peninsula’ as a tourist destination yet, Wirral Council seem to have forgotten our beautiful little beach and coastal town!

It certainly makes you wonder, why are Wirral Council flatly refusing to listen and engage with the community? Is there a hidden agenda?

Listen to the full council meeting, and hear how the public questions are pushed aside for a written response only! Click here and fast forward to 36 minutes and hear the Mayor state, "what public?"


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